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How Does This Work?

Our online Parts stores are designed to fit within your existing Website. A link is added on your site that points to the store. You are given an administration login for the management/order console, which gives you many options to customize your store to your needs.

What Else Do We Get?

We can provide you with a marketing campaign to market your parts department on the Internet. You will also be listed on all Major Search Engines.

What Adjustments Can We Make?

As the administrator, your login allows you to manage your stores settings in every possible way. Your website has been designed with simplicity in mind, it is self explanatory to navigate and make adjustments to your website content.

How long does it take to Setup?

It takes us 24 -48 hours to have it completely setup, to add the store link on your site is a 3-minute job.

Is the Dealer Required to Build the Catalog?

Yes, But we have an online catalogs that is pre-loaded with parts and accessories, but you can add, modify any part of the categories or accessories you need.

Can Dealers use Co-Op Funds?

Yes of-course, most manufacturers offer Co-Op funds for online ventures and our program fits within their requirements.

How are Orders Processed?

When a customer places an order you are notified via email to login and process the order. Orders will include all necessary information and will auto generate emails to communicate with the customer. You bill it thru your cashier or can choose to use the PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Authorize.Net as an option.

What about Aftermarket Accessories?

Yes You can advertise your aftermarket parts and accessories and anything and everything you like to advertise on your own customized website, you can create your own catalogs for auto parts, accessories, apparel, performance or whatever you wish for.

Is the Store Secure?

Most definitely, your Parts website comes with a 256bit encrypted shopping cart and MacAfee/Hacker Safe protection.

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes, we can custom design your parts website Please contact us for more details.

Does the catalog support Wholesale customers?

Yes, in the customer manager you have the ability to setup unique price levels, accept PO numbers, remove tax, free shipping etc, and please call us for more details.

Is the catalog secure?

Absolutely, we use several different methods to assure the security of your customers. McAfee/Hacker Safe tests and certifies daily to protect against server vulnerabilities and hack attempts. We use the EV-SSL certificate to secure the online transactions and keep all confidential information in an encrypted environment. The SSL is an EV (extended validation) certificate with the green bar to improve conversion rates and uses the highest assurance 2048/256-bit encryption.

Who bills the customer?

You do, it's your Website, your order, your customer. The billing information is on the Manage orders, located in the secured admin console. For online transactions we currently offer PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,

Does the software send automated emails?

Emails are automatically sent to the customer for registration, order status and final shipment. Dealers are also notified of any orders or messages sent.

What is a Unique URL?

A URL is the website address or Domain Name. We setup a URL related to your business, which gives your parts department their own URL for accessing or advertising their catalog.

What about Updates?

We handle all website updates and modifications. There is no work to be done on your end.